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Let Data Drive Your Business

Last-Mile Delivery Challenges

Transportation companies are hungry for good data to manage their businesses.

Because of the poor data quality, AI, ML, and even BI have little to no penetration into this industry.

TMS vendors hand-wave over this glaring chasm instead of focusing on features and functions to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Unfortunately, they don’t spend the time or the money to hire data scientists, domain experts, and transportation experts who understand their business to automate collecting accurate data.


Accurate Data

BizStride solves this issue by providing companies with the processes and tools to gather accurate data for them to run their business.

Specializing in the deployment of Roadnet/Omnitracs, our team which consists of former Roadnet consultants will show your company how to collect and leverage accurate data.

We also manage the entire implementation process. Our consultants handle all aspects of a comprehensive rollout plan, including implementation, training, and post-install follow-up & support.


How it Works

We specialize in providing industry-specific solutions, outlined in the steps below:

  • Unaware
    Data Audit – Perform routing data collection and clean-up and establish your current baseline.
  • Reactive
    Strategy Development – Develop a clear comprehensive strategy, aligned with company goals and objectives.
  • Proactive
    Process Deployment – Determine profitable delivery criteria and set delivery frequency guidelines. Create new sales, delivery and merchandising routes.
  • Manage
    Change Management – Perform a “actual vs plan” analysis of your routing solution to measure its impact.
  • Assurance
    Optimized – Create more efficient territories and daily routes. Data becomes an asset.

Transform your business faster with our tried and trusted process.

PHASE 1 Unaware
PHASE 2 Reactive
PHASE 3 Proactive
PHASE 4 Manage
PHASE 5 Assurance

Our services

Unlock The Power Of Data

To enable companies to manage through measurement.

We provide a clear and concise road map to improve route planning and delivery execution, along with documenting the business processes and procedures to ensure success.

Bizstride 360

Develop Dashboards to Improve Decision Making


Software Implementation to Help Cut Costs


BI Applications to Identify New Business Opportunities

Who We Are

A Transportation Consulting Firm

Simply put, we’re a company on a mission to help distributors improve all aspects of their last-mile supply chain operation.


Years Experience

For almost 30 years, BizStride has excelled as an on-demand extension of logistics and supply chain operations for companies worldwide.

Product neutral, we collect and integrate data from a multitude of isolated systems to develop proprietary dashboards and reporting tools that help our customers maximize the value of their existing transportation software. This streamlines transportation efforts, improves service delivery, and enhances the overall business health and resiliency of our customers.

We specialize in providing industry-specific solutions to address the unique needs of your company.

We started BizStride to help customers maximize the value of their transportation software, allowing them to better serve their end customers while streamlining transportation efforts involved in that process.​


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